Just as you have to renew your regular medical prescriptions with your medical doctor your ESA letter for Flying has to be renewed every year. It’s not that it “expires”, but federal law requires that it be dated within a year from the date of your flight.

The Fair Housing Act has no such dating requirement and ESA letters for Housing do not need to be renewed.

We have simplified the renewal process so that a new ESA letter can be issued for a reduced price.

If there have been no material changes in your condition since the last time you were evaluated you can complete the form below and a therapist will confirm your request for a renewal and issue a new ESA letter for Flying.

The fee for such a renewal is $45.

In the event there have been changes to your condition you will have to speak to a therapist. Please contact the office ( and special a arrangement will be made to have you re-assessed at a reduced fee.



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