About ESA Center


EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL CENTER LLC is an organization that services a population of individuals who suffer from emotional and psychological distress in various aspects of their lives. The Center strives to provide sufficient information on its website to enable these individuals to determine whether they may qualify to have their pets classified as Emotional Support Animals. It is the position of the Center that many people who currently fly with their pets are not aware that, if they are doing so because it alleviates their emotional or psychological distress, they could qualify to have their pets fly for no additional charge. Similarly, individuals who can demonstrate a medical need for their pet may qualify to have their pet live with them even if the building has a "no pet" policy.


Emotional Support Animal Center has worked with distinguished psychologists to develop an online Psychological Evaluation Form. The participating mental health professionals who review your form are all properly licensed in their respective states and understand that not everybody is willing or able to commit to long-term treatment. If they determine that someone meets the criteria for a diagnosis of a DSM V emotional disorder they are prepared to write a prescription for an Emotional Support Animal so that the individual can have some relief from some of their symptoms.