Just as you have to renew your regular medical prescriptions with your medical doctor, your ESA letter for Flying has to be renewed every year. It’s not that it “expires” but that Federal law requires that it be dated within one year from the date of your flight.

Because of increased airline scrutiny and current Psychological Board guidelines all renewals will now require re-assessment. 

To keep costs as low as possible it will not be necessary for you to complete a new Evaluation form but rather a short form Renewal request which will contain a representation that there have been no material changes to your condition since the last time you were assessed. The therapist will contact you to confirm this information and issue a new ESA letter for Flying.


The fee for renewal is $95.

Flying Renewal:


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After you make   payment, a link to the Renewal form will be sent to you in your receipt.





The Fair Housing Act has no dating requirement and therefore ESA letters for Housing do not need to be renewed. Many of our clients move from place to place using the same letter.

However, if you are moving to a new building and the landlord is requesting a new letter, or if you never requested a housing letter when you first requested an ESA letter, you will need a renewal letter.

The fee for a renewal letter is $95.


Housing Renewal ($95):


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