Confidentiality and Airline Inquiries


Emotional Support Animal Center and its participating licensed Qualified Mental Health Professionals are committed to providing total confidentiality with respect to all patient information. After forwarding all patient information to the mental health professional who is reviewing your evaluation, the Emotional Support Animal Center then deletes that information from its servers. Emotional Support Animal Center retains only your name and that of your mental health professional .


The QMHP who reviews your case is bound by the legal requirements of the National Privacy Principles (Privacy Amendment Act of 2000), which essentially prohibits sharing ANY of your information without your express consent.


All credit card information is processed directly by Chase Bank and none of it is ever available to Emotional Support Animal Center.




From time to time an airline may check to determine if the mental health professional who signs your letter of prescription for an ESA is a licensed clinician. This happens rarely as the ticket agent usually has neither the time nor the motivation to challenge passengers presenting an ESA letter. However, this may occur when you fax your ESA letter to the airline ahead of time to request an ESA accommodation. If they choose to check they will usually do so by confirming the QMHP’s license status on his/her state’s board of certification website. ALL of the participating QMHP’s used by Emotional Support Animal Center are licensed in their State and Emotional Support Animal Center checks regularly to confirm that their licenses are up to date. In the event the airline chooses to call either Emotional Support Animal Center or your QMHP the only information that will be released will be a confirmation of the licensing validity of the QMHP.