Disclaimer and Refund Policy




Payment of a fee to ESA Center does not guarantee that you will qualify for a prescriptive letter for an ESA. Your Psychological Evaluation Form must be reviewed by a QMHP, and it must be determined that you meet the criteria to qualify as emotionally or psychologically disabled. Please bear in mind that some of the criteria the QMHP will be looking for are:


Depressed mood (most of day, nearly every day), loss of interest or pleasure, significant weight loss or gain, insomnia and loss of energy

Excessive anxiety or worry, difficulty controlling the worry and irritability; all symptoms must be present more days than not.

Periods of intense fear/panic, palpitations, trembling, shortness of breath, fear of losing control, fear of dying.


If you do not have any of these symptoms and that is reflected in your answers, you will not qualify for a prescriptive ESA letter.  If you feel that you qualify, or if you are uncertain as to whether you qualify, you can take the Evaluation Form without penalty.   A full refund of your fee will be made if it is determined that you do not qualify for a prescriptive ESA letter.



The Emotional Support Animal Center cannot guarantee that every airline employee or landlord will follow the requirements of the Federal rules and regulations that govern Emotional Support Animals.

In the unlikely event you are denied an accommodation by an airline due to a claim that your ESA letter is not valid we will refund your fee in full. We can assure you that this has never happened but we want you to feel confident that when you are planning your trip with your pet that you will have no problems at the airport. Please read the FAQ regarding airport procedures.

If you are denied an accommodation please ask for a written explanation and forward that to us along with your request for a refund.

Refunds will also be provided in the event your landlord or managing agent refuses to make an accommodation for your pet because they claim your ESA letter does not meet their requirements. Simply provide us with the correspondence stating the reason for the refusal of the accommodation and a full refund of your fee will be made.